No one left behind

This week is an international week of Climate Action, marked by marches, demonstrations and climate strikes held around the world. Youth are leading the way, bringing their outrage and demands for immediate and systemic action on the climate crisis to those in power.  We often talk about climate change and food in relation to the impact of agriculture and the food system on climate change … Continue reading No one left behind

Elections and You

There’s a federal election! The person elected to represent you and your riding will have opportunities to shape public policy and legislation at the federal level over the next four years.   We often think of food as a local issue, but food-related policies and programs are an important part of federal action.   While some responsibilities are shared across different levels of government, the federal government … Continue reading Elections and You

One Farm’s Approach to Climate Resilience

This spring, I had the extreme good fortune of visiting Broadfork Farm, where a couple of my farm heroes, Shannon and Bryan, so lovingly and conscientiously produce beautiful vegetables and flowers. They farm with the well-being of every living thing they interact with at heart, from prioritizing nutrient-dense food production for their consumers, to creating habitat for the many creatures that add to the biodiversity … Continue reading One Farm’s Approach to Climate Resilience

Growing food in a Changing Climate

I am a Community Food Coordinator in Cape Breton, and I am also a small-scale vegetable farmer at Local Motive Farm. In both of these roles, climate change is on my mind on a daily basis. My work day consists of holding the big picture of the food system in Cape Breton, while juggling many balls as my team and I work towards shifting this … Continue reading Growing food in a Changing Climate

Transforming communities through Food: the Mobile Food Market

When the Halifax Mobile Food Market launched in 2015, the goal was simple but powerful: to bring fresh, affordable foods to communities in Halifax with limited access to healthy food. But more than a place to buy fresh food, the markets evolved into vibrant community gathering spaces where neighbours connect, customers learn new food skills, children play while parents shop, and community residents come to … Continue reading Transforming communities through Food: the Mobile Food Market

Indigenous Food: Reclaiming Traditions, Rights, and Future

This was written in Unama’ki, also known as Cape Breton, the unceded and traditional lands of the Mik’maq People. We are grateful to the Mi’kmaq for their stewardship of this territory, so that we may all continue to be nourished by the generosity of the plants and animals therein. My Food Sovereignty I am Cree-Métis, raised by my mother and my grandmother on a homestead … Continue reading Indigenous Food: Reclaiming Traditions, Rights, and Future

Know your farmer, know your food.

When people think about where their food comes from, they often think about how it was grown. Did the farmers use pesticides? Was it grown organically? Was it grown from genetically modified (GM) seeds? But, there is more to the story than just how your food was grown. The consumer should be thinking about who was growing it and how they were treated. Many large … Continue reading Know your farmer, know your food.

Food Connections in a New Place

Food connects to us to different cultural traditions and to the people, lands and waters in different parts of the world. The reverse is also true; travelling can make us miss all the foods of home. But, neither of these are permanent. Travel trips are typically short, and it can be exciting to try a new food or cuisine for one meal. The reality for … Continue reading Food Connections in a New Place

Speaking Up for School Food

Imagine… A young child travelling on the school bus for 45 minutes to get to school. Despite having breakfast, the child’s stomach is growling by the time class starts. A junior high school student with early morning soccer practice. It’s a mad rush to get to the field and then class, with no chance to start the day with a healthy breakfast. A child from … Continue reading Speaking Up for School Food