Of Course I Can

Its harvest season in Nova Scotia, and I am singularly obsessed with sealing fruit in mason jars.  In fact, I’m quite certain that if you spent enough time in my kitchen, you too, would end up inside a little glass jar.

This year’s (non work-related) canning adventures to date include:

40 lbs of peaches in honey syrup


60 lbs of stewed tomatoes

an unknown weight of plums from my co-worker’s plum tree and

60 lbs of tomato sauce

Like many things in life, canning is more fun with a friend.  We sit, chat, listen to music, peel fruit and boil jars – and the work goes quickly.

Last year, we did 30 lbs of peaches, 50 lbs of stewed tomatoes, and 50 lbs of tomato sauce.  And we each had tomatoes and peaches until about February.  Not too shabby.  I’m aiming for March this year.

Yours in food, Marla

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