My Thanksgiving 2010 Cranberry Sauce

Two summers ago, just after finishing a contract with Katimavik, myself and a friend set out on a road trip, British Columbia to Ontario in about a month and a half.  Early on, we spent about two weeks camping on Haida Gwaii.

View from above, entering Gwaii Haanas National Park.

Mortuary poles of Haida people, Sgang Gwaii.

Hot Spring Island, Gwaii Haanas National Park.

The day before we were set to leave the islands, we were camping near Tlell. After setting up camp, we were ready for a snack. Reaching into the designated chocolate poach on my backpack, our faces dropped as we realized we hadn’t replenished our chocolate supply.

We decided to take action and began a long walk out to the road and along the highway to where we had seen a small store.  Fortunately, a truck slowed and offered a helping hand. We hopped in and were deposited at the store moments later. Unfortunately, the store was closed. We moaned for a moment and started on the journey back to our campsite.

The same truck stopped again – heading back the other way – and offered us a drive once again. This time the driver asked a favour of us. She and her husband had volunteered to take down and pack up some tents that had been used for a community festival the day before. She asked if we would mind helping her and her husband. We didn’t mind at all.

After finishing up with the tents, the couple invited us to their beautiful bed and breakfast for some homemade dessert. We filled our bellies and then our pockets as they packed us muffins for breakfast and cookies for lunch the following day. At the door, the husband handed my friend and I each one last thing – a jar of his homemade cranberry preserves.

I have been moving that jar – wrapped in a wool sock – around the country with me for the past two years.  I am ready to open it…

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Being chased by turkeys on Haida Gwaii!)

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