Pea Shoots for a Winter Windowsill Garden

Pea shoots are young pea plants, planted densely and harvested just above the soil when the plants reach about 6 inches in height.  In a small pot on a sunny windowsill, they will re-grow several times and make for delicious salads and sandwiches through the cold months.

The Urban Garden Project at the Ecology Action Centre is selling starter kits for $8 as a fundraiser to support our work with Halifax public schools, community gardens, and support centres in marginalized communities.

These photos show a before and after kit, and also some peas laid out on the soil in pots decorated by 12-18 year olds at a Power of Being a Girl conference in Spryfield last Friday.  These peas will be buried their own width in soil and kept moist until they sprout, then cherished for the next couple months.

Drop us a line at urbangarden(at) or call 442-1077 if you’d like to pick up a starter kit up, or have your own suggestions for winter harvests.


Carey Jernigan

(Urban Garden Project Outreach Coordinator)

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