Dear Kale

Dear Kale,

I know we’ve had our differences over the years.  At times I’ve found you bitter or dull, and passed you over for sweeter greens. However in recent months I’ve come to see the error of my ways and now appreciate you more.  Last night was wonderful. You, drizzled in lemon juice and olive oil and sprinkled with salt. Me, hungry and massaging you until you were bright green.  Well, let’s just say we should do that again some time.  (Like today, as leftovers for lunch.)


Okay, all kidding aside, kale can be delicious.  Cut out the spine, chop into small pieces.  Then drizzle with oil olive, some lemon juice and a little bit of salt.  Massage for a couple minutes, until the kale turns bright green.  Eat raw.  You can add it to salads, stirfrys, or mix with roasted potatoes, as I did last night.



8 thoughts on “Dear Kale

  1. Like so many, I never even knew Kale existed. How can such a magnificent vegetable be so conspicuous? I just saved Red Russian Kale seeds this summer and I’m looking forward to seeing if they grow next season.

    My friend Mike told me that in WW2 the US and UK governments encouraged their citizens to grow kale when other foods were less available. Kale was so loaded with goodness that it supplemented rations.

    Since most of our grocery store food is pretty dead these days, we should all grow a few kale plants in our backyards or on our balconies. Better still it’s likely to survive winter and to last well into the new season when you can start again.


  2. Try sauteeing it in a little olive oil, garlic and onion. Then sprinkle with maple syrup (a tablespoon or so) and crumble blue cheese on top of all that goodness. Amazing. Even the most anti-greens cynic will ask for seconds.

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