Terra Madre Day, December 10th: Year 1 Was Off the Hook!

December 10th is Terra Madre Day, a day to celebrate community efforts around the world that support good, clean and fair food and build better food systems! Terra Madre Day was established in 2009 by the Slow Food Movement. You can learn more about Terra Madre Day (and the Slow Food Movement) at

Tasty Terra Madre events will be happening around Nova Scotia (and the world). You can check them out by clicking the “Join One in Your Region” tab on the Slow Food website (www.slowfood.com/terramadreday/welcome_eng.lasso), or by visiting Slow Food Nova Scotia’s blog at http://slowfoodns.blogspot.com.

Slow Food Nova Scotia has decided to celebrate Off the Hook, the community supported sustainable fisheries co-op in Nova Scotia! Here are some details…

Event: Year 1 Was Off the Hook! Host a dinner for friends and family celebrating community supported sustainable seafood in Atlantic Canada.

Date: December 10th, Terra Madre Day

Location: Various homes around the province – maybe your house too – and online

Info: Let’s celebrate the success of Off the Hook Community Supported Fishery this Terra Madre Day. On December 10th,  why not plan a meal with the last of the CSF fish in the freezer, and celebrate the success of this socially and environmentally responsible project that FAC and MIC members made such a success. Invite family, friends, or whoever you like – the meal can be as simple or as complicated as you wish.  If you’ve already used up all of your tasty CSF fish [it’s hard to save something so delicious!], why not pick up some seasonal sustainable shellfish, like Indian Point’s mussels or scallops or some lobster. 

***We’d love to hear about your dinner! Feel free to post pictures and recipes from your delicious dinner right here on FAC’s food blog, “Adventures in Local Food”, or on Off the Hook CSF’s Facebook page. (If you haven’t already, check out Off the Hook at http://www.offthehookcsf.ca/.)***

Bon appetit!

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