My garden is covered in snow, but there are fresh, living foods in my kitchen: sprouts!

Mung Bean Sprouts

Sprouts are a great way to enjoy a little taste of spring in the dead of winter.  Delicious and nutritious, they are quite easy to grow.  Here’s what you’ll need:
– one mason jar
– mesh (I use a piece of a jelly bag)
– a bowl, small container, or dish rack
– seeds for sprouting (mung beans, alfalfa, radish, broccoli, etc.)

Place seeds into the mason jar (try a couple tablespoons to start), cover with mesh and add water to cover the seeds.  Let soak 8-12 hours.  Drain water.  Twice per day, rinse and drain seeds.  Give them a good shake to get the excess water out and then place the jar upside down in a container or dish rack at a 45 degree angle to allow any remaining water to drain out.  If you have too much water, your sprouts will rot.  Too little, and they’ll dry out.  Also, keep your seeds out of direct sunlight.  In a few days your sprouts will be ready to eat!  Mung beans will be ready within a day or two.  Alfalfa takes 4-5 days.

This website has information on soaking and sprouting times for a wide variety of seeds, beans and grains.  And the Root Cellars Rock blog out of Newfoundland also has a great article about sprouting.  We’ve been looking for a local seed grower who will supply seeds for sprouts.  No luck yet, but Owen Bridge of Annapolis Valley Heritage Seeds told us he’s been considering it, because he’s been getting a lot of requests.

Happy Sprouting!

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