Food For Thought

I  wholeheartedly believe that food brings people together.  It builds community and results in people gathering around a table.  Food nurishes the body and the heart.  Bread is a classic example.

My mom bakes the most delicious bread.  Honestly.  This is not a biased statement.  My mom bakes a few types of bread but her white rolls are everyone’s favourite.  They are light and airy with golden, buttery edges.  Each summer (despite my birthday being in October), my parents would organize a pool party to celebrate my birthday.  We would swim, pausing only for food – ice cream cake and homemade rolls. 

My mom is known for her rolls – her homemade rolls and her generousity.  You see, it is from her that I learned about the community created by food.  [Imagine a dozen grade 5’s dripping wet, eating fresh baked rolls and singing Happy Birthday.]  My mom is constantly delivering food, homemade bread in particular, to friends, friends of friend’s, and soon-to-be friends.  Whether in celebration, in remembrance or simply in friendship, my mom sends her love through bread.  It is really quite amazing.

Yours in food, Keltie

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