You Say Potato, I Say Apple of the Earth

I have been eating a lot of potatoes lately. Not just because they are delicious and not just because they are local but also because they are cheap. I love cheap – I get it from my dad – so when a local farmer contacted the EAC with a great rate on PEI organic potatoes I couldn’t say. In fact, I said “yes, 75 lbs please”. 75 lbs of organic PEI potatoes. That is a lot of potatoes for a single gal.

The potatoes arrived just before Christmas so, naturally, everyone on my Christmas list received a bonus bag of potatoes. Since Christmas, I have hosted, as well as attended, a few potlucks. I have prepared potatoes dishes.

Still, I have a substantial quantity of potatoes stored in my back porch (which it turns out makes a great improv root cellar). So, when the January EAC staff meeting came up – and I found myself on the hook for meeting snacks – I immediately thought POTATOES! Luckily, Sadra, my co-worker and snacks accomplice, loved the idea (he too had purchased an ambition quantity of organic PEI potatoes). First, we discussed simply incorporating a potato dish in the menu but soon we had agreed on an all potato menu.

We made mashed – or as Marla likes to call them, smashed – potatoes, rosemary roasted potatoes, and spicy potato fries. In the end, we made a last minute edition of apples – a close relative to the potato (or apple of the earth).

All this talk about potatoes is making me hungry. Perhaps potato latkas for dinner?

Yours in food, Keltie

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