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Interested in urban beekeeping?  Check out the latest news from the Halifax Honeybee Society…

The Halifax Honey Bee Society is a collective urban beekeepers and bee enthusiasts. Our goals are to preserve and promote beekeeping skills, to provide educational activities for our members, and to enjoy these fascinating and hard-working insects. We keep bees in the city, and we organize educational experiences for our members.The Halifax Honeybee Society is excited to tell you about the third year of our urban beekeeping project and to welcome you to join us again in 2011!

We did a lot of learning during this past year, the momentum is growing and we have big plans for 2011! We’ll be starting fresh with new colonies this year, and we hope that lots of community members will want to come out and continue learning along with us.

As you know, for the past two years, our project has been entirely supported through membership donations. Membership fees go towards purchasing bee colonies, beekeeping equipment, and resources. In exchange for your support, we want to make sure that our members continue to get the chance to learn about beekeeping in the city. Over the past year, our community of urban beekeepers has grown substantially, and that has inspired us to take the Honey Bee Society in a slightly new direction. Instead of inviting members to visit our hives with us as we care for them through the season, as we’ve done in the past, we’ve decided to organize several workshops on specific topics, covering many key aspects of urban beekeeping. In partnership with a number of beekeepers and bee enthusiasts, we’re planning to offer the following beekeeping workshops to our 2011 members, set to begin in May:

* Intro to Beekeeping
* Splitting Strong Hives and Swarm Control
* Bee Products for Body Care
* Honey Extraction
* Top Bar Hives
* Rooftop Beekeeping
* Organic Methods for Disease and Pest Control
* Preparing for Winter
* And possibly others, including beeswax candle making!

Because this a community project, we want to make it as accessible as possible. This year, membership fees are lower than ever! See the membership page of the Halifax Honeybee Society website for details.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, and check out our website and our Facebook page.

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