There’s still time to sign up for a CSA!

So, at this point – we all know what Community Shared Agriculture is all about, right?  Consumers develop a relationship with a local food producer and pay up front for a season’s worth of veggies, fruit, meat, bread or fish straight from the farm, orchard, bakery or ocean!  Admittedly, most CSAs in Nova Scotia are for vegetables and fruit, but more and more producers are exploring the possibilities to share their particular harvest with YOU!

CSAs are a win-win situation.  Farmers have a set customer base, so they know how much to plant and harvest, and they receive payment at the beginning of the season when they are ordering seeds and other supplies.  Customers benefit by receiving fresh, delicious food from a farmer they know and trust, delivered to a central pick-up point.  Many farmers and producers still have space in their summer CSAs and if you act soon, you could still participate this summer.

(Marla’s note: I just sent off cheque for my CSA subscription!  Veggies deliveries start mid-June and I’m really looking forward to a fridge full of delicious food.  I promise to post recipes as the season progresses.  If you’ve signed up for a CSA and want to write about it for our blog, please let me know.)

Here are some links to some great blogs and websites of farms around Nova Scotia that provide CSAs:\ – Veggie, Meat and Fruit CSAs that has an extensive delivery drop-off  route Veggie CSA that delivers to Stewiacke, Truro, Elmsdale, Fall River, Dartmouth, and Halifax A year-round veggies CSA that delivers to Halifax. A Veggie CSA right in Dartmouth. – A CSA based in Centre Burlington that focuses specifically on winter veggies. – A Beef CSA that delivers to Halifax – A Veggie CSA that delivers to Halifax and Windsor – A Fish CSA (or CSF) that provides hook and line caught haddock, and delivers to Halifax, Wolfville and Annapolis Royal –  Produce, Meat and Preserves CSAs available, and delivers to Halifax – Veggie CSA that delivers to Tatamagouche, Truro and Halifax – Veggie CSA based out of Tatamagouche – Veggie CSA based out of Annapolis Royal that uses draft horses on their farm instead of tractors!

But please don’t discriminate against farmers that don’t presently have websites!  Check out Acorn’s website to look for CSAs all over the Atlantic provinces:

Yours in food,
Alison & Marla

7 thoughts on “There’s still time to sign up for a CSA!

  1. We’ve been getting a lot more info about CSAs that deliver to the HRM that don’t have websites, and we don’t want to leave anybody out! Here is some contact info for another great farm:

    Southfield Organics is a small farm operation perched on a hill in Brooklyn, West Hants County, and delivers to Tantallon and Bedford – e-mail

  2. I’m enjoying you blog and appreciate all the great information here. Do you happen to know of something similar in Newfoundland. I had a family member move there recently and local food sources are a big challenge. Any advice is appreciated 🙂

    • Hi Sarah,
      The Acorn website has lots of info on organic produce in the Atlantic Provinces – here is a link to their page on CSAs and organic food producers in Newfoundland:
      You may also want to check out the fantastic blog written by the Food Security Network of Newfoundland & Labrador – which has piles of info on eating, growing, preserving food grown in Newfoundland and Labrador!

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