Early Summer in the Garden: Waiting for Veggies

For the gardener, this time of year is full of anticipation.  Most of us have spent the last few sunny weekends putting our plants into the ground, and now there isn’t too much to do except wait, water and weed.  It looks like the weather is taking care of the ‘watering’ just fine, and (in my garden anyway) the weeds in the veggie gardens haven’t really shown up yet – which just leaves WAITING!

My early kale and lettuce haven’t been doing too well outside, but I started some arugula in a pot in my sunroom that’s just gorgeous right now, and is about the only fresh thing from my garden that I’ll be able to harvest for a few more weeks.  A few precious leaves add something special to my meals and helps to whet my anticipation for the harvest to come. 

One of my favourite arugula inspirations so far has been this twist on pork souflaki.  I marinated some of my pastured pork I blogged about last week in garlic, lemon juice, rosemary and oregano for a couple of hours and then grilled it on the BBQ with a few skewers of peppers.  When they were done, I lay a thick bed of fresh arugula on a warmed pita, and placed the grilled meat and veggies on top.  I wanted to drizzle some homemade tzatziki sauce on top, but I was out of yogurt, so I used Caesar salad dressing instead.

Voila!  Souflaki, spring style!

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