The first CSA drop off of the season!

Beets greens, tiny yellow zucchini, baby turnips, radishes, red currant jelly, swiss chard, lettuce… Rupert has just delivered the first CSA boxes of the season to the Ecology Action Centre office.  This is my first vegetable CSA box, and I’m quite excited.

Rupert Jannasch and Heather Johnson of Ironwood Farm have been farming for many years, but this is the first year of their CSA.  Ironwood Farm is located at the mouth of the Avon River in Hants County.  You can check out beautiful photos of the farm on their website.

The cold, rainy spring has meant that the season is off to a slow start.  Rupert told us that he had hoped that the beans would be ready and the zucchini more plentiful.  I’m not concerned – they’ll come when (if?) the sun comes out – I’m already thinking about dinner.

The greens could be made into a quiche, or perhaps a stir fry with peanut sauce.  Yesterday at a catered lunch meeting, I had a delicious sandwich made with cheddar, peach jam and homemade bread.  Could I recreate it with the red currant jelly?  (It had never occurred before yesterday to me to put cheese and jam together.)  Or maybe I’ll keep things simple and make a hearty salad with the greens, adding some other odds and ends already in my kitchen, like asparagus, grated carrot, nuts, boiled egg, maybe some cheese… Oh, the possibilities!

Yours in food,

Do you have a subscription to a CSA?  Want to write about what you’re making?  Drop me a line.  We’re always looking for submissions to our Thinking Inside the Box column.

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