Spring Greens at the Truro Farmers Market

Last Saturday Marla, Libby and I hopped in the car and took a little road trip to Truro to put on a little cooking demo on Spring Greens at the Truro Farmers Market.   It was a windy and overcast day, but the rain stayed away and the lovely people of Truro welcomed us with open arms.

This was the first time we’ve done a cooking demo at a Farmers Market, and it went swimmingly!  We made the garlic spinach dip mentioned in an earlier post  but used baby beet greens from Casson Family Farm instead of spinach.  Aside from the dip turning pink from the stalks, it tasted pretty much the same, and the crowd ate it up with some delicious bread from Kuchenstube and baby carrots from the Dueck Family Farm.  The farmer who sold us the greens made a suggestion to add some honey, so our second batch tasted a little different from the first batch!  This recipe definitely has a lot of potential for variations – if we would have had some fresh herbs, it would have changed the flavour yet again.  Definitely a ‘keeper recipe’!

For our second demo, we cooked up a big batch of ‘Lemon Loves Beet Greens’ that Marla blogged about a couple of weeks ago with mature beet greens and some swiss chard.  People were interested to see that you needn’t boil this stuff to cook it – usually the water left on the leaves after washing it is enough to steam them and leave all the tastiness intact.

One of our favourite moments was when the little girl who was watching us cook up the beet greens tried the first sample of the finished product with a great big grin on her face.  She then held up her fork to her mom, and got HER to try beet greens for the first time!  She wasn’t the only kid who was lining up for a sample, either.  A lot of people stopped by and chatted about their favourite ways to prepare spring greens, and picked up our recipe hand-out sheet to try them out at home.  When we were packing up to leave, we heard that all the farmers had sold out of their beet greens by noon!  How great is that?

Happy Libby with her greens and honey!

It was a great experience to go to a new market in a town other than our own, and we had a great time meeting new people and exploring the unique things for sale.  (All three of us each went home with a big bag of Marsh Grass, aka Goosetongue – but that’s the subject for a whole new post!)

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