A Week of CSA Meals

My roommates and I share a weekly CSA box from Ironwood Farm. With three of us in the house, the veggies get eaten quickly and sometimes we have to buy a little extra from the farmers market. However, they have both been out of town lately.  Plus my garden has started produced cucumbers, beans, and tomatoes.   This has left me with a fridge full of veggies and a lot of creative cooking to do on my own.

When my veggie box arrived this week, it occurred to me that perhaps there were others who felt overwhelmed by their produce.  In fact, one of the main reasons people don’t sign up for a CSA share a second time, is that they can’t eat all the veggies or don’t know what to make with them and they feel bad for wasting food.

So, I decided to share with you a week of meals cooked from my CSA box.

Wednesday afternoon, the box arrived:

It contained the following: parsley, green onions, a head of lettuce, 5 tomatoes, a small bag of beans, several potatoes, a bunch of carrots, a cucumber, kale, and a box of blueberries.

Thursday:  Several blueberries, along with some raspberries from my garden, went into my morning oatmeal (with maple syrup and a spoonful of yogurt).  I also had a boiled egg.  For lunch, I made a greek salad of tomatoes, cucumber, feta, olive oil and dill and ate it with a lentil & rice dish that I bought at the Middle Eastern restaurant around the corner from the office.  At dinner time, I informed my boyfriend, Adam, that he was now part of my CSA blogging experiment and that he was recruited to help me eat all the veggies this week.  He’s easygoing, and together we cooked up our Off the Hook hake into Noli Baked Fish (fish fillets baked with tomatoes, parsley, and spiced bread crumbs), with tabouleh, and hummus and pita on the side.  By the end of the day, I had used 4 of the tomatoes, all the parsley, half a cucumber, and some green onion.  I also decided to blanch and freeze the beans, as I have lots in the garden, and beans tend to go bad quickly.

Friday: My usual breakfast of oatmeal with fruit and boiled eggs.  Lunch was leftovers from Thursday’s dinner.  Dinner involved barbequed sausages and veggie dogs after a long afternoon of pickling with my friend Nicole.  Also, for dinner was a salad of lettuce, cucumber, grated beets and grated carrot.

Saturday: I was feeling inspired by the blueberries and the raspberries (that I was still picking from my garden).  Adam & I cooked up a batch of fluffy berry pancakes and roasted some potatoes.  Lunch: leftovers from Thursday & Friday.  (You’ll notice that leftovers are a common theme.  I always make lots in order to have leftovers.  It makes life easier on busy days.)  On Saturday afternoon I was puttering around the garden.  My arugula looked like it was going to bolt, so I decided to pick it and make pesto.  I also had brought some basil at the farmers market and was going to make that into pesto.  And then I had a idea – my garden is covered in nasturtiums, which have a similar flavour to arugula, and after a quick google search I learned that you can make pesto with nasturtium leaves too.  And then my CSA related dinner ideas went out the window, as I found myself food processing gobs of leafy greens into pesto.  I had two giant bowls of pesto pasta for dinner.

Salad Plate

Sunday: Breakfast was leftover pancakes and potatoes before heading back to Nicole’s house for a peach canning extravaganza.  For lunch I brought along lettuce, cucumber and tomato from my CSA box, as well as the last of the tabouleh.  While, I was finishing up the peach peeling, Nicole whipped up lovely salad plates (see right).  And for supper, Adam and I made a quiche of leeks (leftover from the previous week’s CSA box), beet greens, and goat cheese, as well as carrot beet salad, and some very burnt kale chips. (I had the oven turned up too high and kale chips were inedible.  Boo.)

Monday: Oatmeal & blueberries for breakfast and leftover quiche for lunch.  For supper, the second fish from our Off the Hook delivery got turned into a spicy, tomato-y fish soup with carrots and dill.  Yum!

Tuesday: Polenta with cheddar and salsa for breakfast.  (This didn’t involve any CSA veggies, but it is a recent addition to my culinary adventures. Very filing and delicious.) Lunch: More fish soup with biscuits from the bakery down the street.  I made a batch of kale chips for an evening meeting (and didn’t burn them this time).  And for supper, we barbequed some veggie burgers and made another carrot, beet, cucumber, green onion salad.

And now we’re back to Wednesday again.  Breakfast of biscuits with fruit and boiled eggs.  Lunch is leftovers.  Dinner will be pesto pasta. (I froze some pesto on the weekend.)  And this week’s CSA box will arrive any minute.

A quick check of my fridge this morning revealed the following uneaten (but still edible) CSA veggies:
2 small carrots
a handful of blueberries
1 green onion
2 potatoes

As I tallied things up over breakfast, Adam informed me that had he known about the potatoes, he would have eaten those.  All in all, a delicious week.

Yours in food,


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