Dear Garlic

Dear garlic,

Oh garlic how I love thee! But it is a love-hate relationship with you. I love you for the wonderful flavour you bring to the table but I hate you when you spike my throat going down raw. I love your ability to stay strong during the winter but I hate it when you are staying steadfast in the ground. I love your long green tops blowing in the wind but I hate it when they are all wet and run through my hands. I love that you are small in the house but I hate your numbers in the fields.

Oh garlic we have had such little time together but still you have taught me so much more about you. You were never one to be fussy yet now I know you don’t like to be baked in the sun or soaked in the rain and that you just want to stay cool and dry. like all other things you want to feel comfortable in your on skin no matter your shape or size.

Oh garlic how I wish you were small and you are proud and stubborn not to be so. If only there we a way to tickle you and loosen you up so my hands won’t have to feel this pain. For them they are happy that this is goodbye for they have found a softer friend; the pepper.

Oh garlic this is it.

Au revoir

Auf wiedersehen



P.S. I will only return to wash you and that is it.

Fiona, our trusty Katimavik volunteer, spent a week wwoofing on Casson Family Farm.  We also had her dig out all the garlic from the Ecology Action Centre garden.  Hopefully, she’s not completely tramatized. 🙂

The EAC Boardroom is decidedly vampire-free.

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