Two Weeks Left to Enter Preserving the Harvest Contest!

There are but 2 weeks left to enter our Preserving the Harvest Contest!

To enter, send in a short anecdote or a photo of your experiences preserving the harvest (canning, freezing, dehydrating, fermenting or whatever else you’ve tried) and you’ll be entered to win a preserving cookbook! Deadline: Sept 30

(And a little secret: There have been very few entries, so the odds are REALLY good.)

For more details:

Entries can be sent to:

One thought on “Two Weeks Left to Enter Preserving the Harvest Contest!

  1. I can personally attest that the prize is a good one!
    When I worked at the EAC this summer I ended up ‘borrowing’ the Bernardin canning cookbook (the 1st prize) and ended up keeping it and buying a new one for the EAC to give away.
    Lots of good methods in here for all kinds of canning and pickling – I liked all the info on making your own pectin from apples and lemons. There’s a huge pile of recipes for natural jams, fruit butters and compotes and of course all the rest of the chutneys… I think I had to have the book for the peach butter and peach BBQ sauce recipes alone!

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