Community Root Cellar Funding – 2nd Round Open

With growing interest in eating locally, many are now looking for ways to store food throughout the winter months. One simple way to enjoy the harvest in the coldest months of the year is to build a root cellar.

The Ecology Action Centre (EAC) is looking to support community root cellars throughout Nova Scotia. A second round of root cellar funding has just been announced. We will be awarding two to five $400 grants to help communities purchase materials and/or hire a builder to construct a community root cellar.

Potential root cellars must be located in community owned spaces. Private homes and businesses are not eligible for root cellar funding. Root cellars must also be located in Nova Scotia.

In the first round of funding, the EAC awarded the Deanery Project, of Ship Harbour, NS, a $400 grant to build a community root cellar.

The Deanery Project is a recently formed not-for-profit cooperative located in Ship Harbour, NS.  The Project is based out of a 25 acre property of tree-lined fields, forests and beautiful shoreline. Their mandate encompasses education around rural resiliency, permaculture and natural-building, art, outdoor leadership and community strengthening activities.

“A lot of people don’t know what the Deanery is all about, but building a root cellar reflects our mandate. Building a space for new air to circulate, treasuring the fruits of our labor while still staying down to earth. Most importantly though, giving the community some peace of mind in its own resiliency. This simple gift will open up so many more minds to concepts behind permaculture, transition towns and natural building,” explains Gregory Hughes, Deanery Volunteer.

To apply for a community root cellar grant, please visit the EAC website for an application and submit the form by December 12, 2011. Applications will be reviewed by a committee of staff and volunteers and decisions will be made by December 22.

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  1. Hello Deanery Project,
    Congratulations on receiving the grant to build a community root cellar. Down here in Vermont, we would like to build a community root cellar in the building our local Food Shelf owns. I am helping to find out how other communities have done this. It would be great to hear from you about how your project is going.

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