Rappie Pie

This post comes from Candice, a fourth year nursing student volunteering with the Ecology Action Centre from September until February of 2012.  She and another nursing student, Maria, have been working with St. George’s Youth Net by doing cooking workshops with the school-aged kids that attend their after school program.  Keep checking back over the next couple months to find out what they’re doing in our cooking workshops.

I am going to write about my family’s traditional recipe. My grandmother, Grandmere, was from Yarmouth and they have a delicious traditional recipe that my family enjoys once to twice a year.
The dish is of Acadian origin, called Rappie (rapure) pie. The main ingredients are grated potato and meat, our family uses chicken but others use pork, lobster, clam or beef.

Since Grandmere passed away August of 2010 I took over the Rappie Pie making. This Christmas will be my second time making it but first time doing it by myself!

1.8 kg of Rappie Pie mix (grated potato)
chopped onion to taste
large chicken pieces
24-30 cups of water (hot)
Salt Pork

We first cook the chicken by boiling it until it easily falls off the bone, skin is removed, we like to boil it in chicken broth because we include the cooked broth into our cups of ‘water’ which adds yummy flavor!

We first put salt pork pieces on the bottom on the cooking pan (to add flavor). We then add the grated potato pulp into a bowl/ giant cooking pan and gradually add approx. 4 cups of water/broth at a time, stirring constantly. Adding as much water to desired consistency. Throughout the process, chicken pieces are added into the mixture along with onion.  Once the final layer of potato mixture has been completed, pieces of salt pork are placed on the top.

The Rappie Pie is then placed into the oven at 350°C for approximately 1 ½ hours or until golden and crispy on top! YUMMM!!!

Once cooked, we use a little vinegar to add taste when we’re ready to eat it. Others add molasses, ketchup or whatever you might like.

Looks gross, but tastes AMAZING!!!!

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