Heliotrust: A new blog to check out

The Food Action Committee has been blogging up a storm this days. We have a sister blog at the Halifax Garden Network, and now we’d like to introduce the newest blog to our food family: the Heliotrust blog.

Heliotrust is part of the Ecology Action Centre in Nova Scotia and is based on a farm along the Hants Shore, in the Avon River watershed. They focus on conserving farm land, resources, and knowledge in order to have ecological food production now and in the future.

Heliotrust is based on the word ‘heliotrope’ — a plant that turns to face the sun. The most well-known heliotrope is the sunflower. One of our guiding principles is to ‘face the sun’, or focus on positive initiatives.

Initiatives include:
Heritage Wheat
Farmland Conservation &

Read all about them at http://heliotrust.org.

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2 thoughts on “Heliotrust: A new blog to check out

  1. According to the book, Wheat Belly, the wheat in most things now is nothing like the wheat our grandparents and great-grandparents ate. It is good that some people are maintaining heritage breeds. The seeds do not stay viable forever. It has to be planted and the seeds stored in order to keep the strain around.

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