Dreaming of Spring…

Thank goodness for groundhog day.

Shubenacadie Sam recently took a walk outside and determined that we would have an early spring in Nova Scotia this year. That means its time to start planning our Spring cooking classes!

We’re thinking about doing things a little differently this spring.  There seems to be a lot of desire for skills-based classes surrounding the preparing and appreciation of local food, and we’re thinking about mixing some workshops in with our cooking classes.  Marla and I were brainstorming for ideas last week and came up with some ideas like…

1.  CSA food box meal planning.  It takes a bit of a knack to use all your CSA veggies every week, and we think it would be fun to have a class or workshop based around collaboratively figuring out what to eat right away, what keeps for later, and how to incorporate lots of veggies in your favourite dishes.

2.  Local Meat and What to Do With It.  Lots of folks are getting interested in using local beef, pork, and chicken, but working with larger cuts of meat can be a little intimidating for some.  We could have an explanation of different cuts of meat, and the proper ways to cook them.  Or have a workshop based around whole chickens and show how to cut apart a bird into more usable parts, and how to make stock from the meaty bones.  Or we could even have a class on basic meat curing – pancetta is pretty easy to make, and can add so much flavour to all those greens you’ll get in your CSA boxes in early summer!

3.  Micro Greens/Sprouting.  The Halifax Garden Network recently had a blog post on how to grow micro greens and we were thinking it might be fun to hold a workshop on growing and eating these year-round fresh greens.  Eating local can start to be a bit of a drag in late winter and early spring, and these greens are such  a great way to get some GREEN into your spring diet!

These are just some preliminary ideas of where we might go with our Spring cooking classes – this is not a schedule that’s set in stone.

We’d like to hear if some of these ideas sound interesting to you.  Do you have other food skills you’re dying to learn?  Or do you have any food skills that you’re willing to share?  We like to have volunteers teach our workshops, so we’d love to hear from you if you’d be interested in helping to teach a class or workshop.  Leave a comment below, or contact me at Alison@ecologyaction.ca if you have some ideas for a great local food workshop!

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