Our Food – now a major motion picture

… Or a short you-tube video.  🙂

My colleague and I collaborated with really wonderful local filmmaker to put together a 4 minute video about our work at the Ecology Action Centre.

The Our Food Project combines the food skills work that you see here on this blog, with the urban garden work (which you can read all about at the Halifax Garden Network blog) to build positive food environments.  What’s a positive food environment, you ask?  Well, we want to encourage the growing and eating of local, healthy food in our community and we want to create spaces in which people are excited about doing that.

Garity (of the urban garden project) and I (Marla, of the Food Connections Project) have been doing this work for over 5 years and in the past year we’ve been able to bring this work together under the Our Food Project.  We have had an amazing year, working with so many great organizations and communities and learning so much along the way.

We are, unfortunately, facing a funding shortage at this time.  If you’re excited about this work and have the means to make a financial donation, please visit the Ecology Action Centre website for more information.  Regardless of whether you are interested or able to donate, we truly appreciate the feedback, comments, emails and photos that we receive from our wonderful readers.

And don’t worry, a funding shortage won’t stop the blogging.  We have some fabulous summer students and volunteers who will be keeping the blog posts coming all summer long.

Yours in food,


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