Come Visit our Library!

One of the most important roles we have at the Food Action Committee is being a community resource for information about growing, cooking, preserving, and storing locally produced foods.  Every day our office receives calls asking for advice on these subjects  – and many more.  We’ll never immediately have all the answers to all the questions we get asked, but we always try to be a helpful support, and we are very good at ferreting out information in response to public calls!

Sometimes, requests for information are just too vast for us to answer questions over the phone.  That’s why we’ve started collecting publications regarding gardening and other food skills in a little library.  We have books on organic gardening, permaculture, canning, greenhouse and root cellar design, food sovereignty and more. It’s just another way we’re offering community support!

You can download a full list of books, reports and DVDs in our library here.

It may be small in size, but it’s big on information on growing sustainable food systems!

How to borrow a book:

  1. Speak with a staff member/volunteer about which book you’d like to borrow and for how long.
  2. Fill out the card in the back of the book with your name and when the book is due back
  3. Find the corresponding card in the card file and fill out your name, phone number and due date. File in the “Out” folder
  4. Return the book on time!

Standard Loan Times:  Off-season (according to book topic)– 3 weeks,   High Demand Books – 1 week


Yours in sustainable food systems,


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