Local Beet Greens (with Hot Mixed Pickle!)

Ahhh…..  It’s springtime in my CSA box, and it’s time to eat greens.

A lot of greens.  Beet greens.

It took me a while to really appreciate beet greens.  I’ve never been a huge fan of beets – the intense colour always made me feel they were untrustworthy.  Shifty, even.  (Should vegetables really be that red/purple/burgundy?)  And the flavour always reminded me of slightly sweet dirt.  And the texture was… weird.  I’ve learned to like them though, especially when paired up with strong spices.  (I made a few batches of pickled beets last summer with fenugreek that were actually pretty amazing, but that’s another story.)

Beet greens have a lot of that same beety flavour of the full grown veggie, but it’s toned down quite a bit, and the leaves have a nice, mellow chard-like flavour.  I’ve gotten to the point where I actually look forward to them in spring.  But just like the beets themselves, I like them best with some strong flavouring.

Lately, I’ve been eating my greens with hot Indian pickles.  I bought this jar of extra hot mixed pickle at Indian Groceries, located at 2585 Robie Street, and I’ve been adding a little bit to everything I eat.  The pickles themselves are extremely salty, quite spicy, and a little sour.  They’re also packed in oil with a lot of spices, and I find that the oil is a great way to add the flavour without all the intensity of the pickle.  The pickles themselves also taste pretty great, but a little goes a long way.

So this is what I do with my beet greens:

Take a small bunch of beet greens, and separate the baby beets, stems, and greens.  Cut up the baby beets into small rounds.  Chop the stems into two inch pieces.  Roughly chop the greens.

Take about a tablespoon of oil from the hot mixed pickle jar, and put it in a frying pan. Drop the sliced beets into the oil, and fry them for five minutes.  Then add the chopped stems, and fry them for another 5 minutes or so.  Then, add the chopped up greens, and put a lid on your pan to help the greens steam a little.  After a few minutes, take the lid off, and stir everything up with another couple teaspoons of chopped hot pickle.


What’s your favourite way to eat spring greens?  Add your comment below!

5 thoughts on “Local Beet Greens (with Hot Mixed Pickle!)

  1. I love beet greens!
    from Abundant Acres Produce Packs (http://www.facebook.com/AbundantAcresProducePacks)

    Lemon Loves Beet Greens

    1 bunch beet greens
    2 tbsp butter
    juice of one lemon
    1 tbsp local honey, more as desired

    1. Wash and stem the beet greens. Steam briefly in a covered pot.
    2. In a separate pot, melt the butter; add the lemon juice and honey. Cook over moderate heat to a light syrup.
    3. Combine the beet greens with the syrup and heat through.
    Makes 2 servings.
    Recipe from Norbert Kungl

    • We made that recipe last year at the Truro Farmers Market! The kids at the market were lining up for those honey-lemon greens!

  2. I cooked up some fresh valley beet greens on Sunday night- but then when I saw your post- I went out and found a few more beet greens last night to give your recipe a try. It was delicious. The hot pickle coupled with the sweetness of the beet is the key! Thanks.

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