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Through working at the Ecology Action Centre, I have the great privilege of meeting with a lot of great farmers from around the province.  This will hopefully be the first of many short profiles to bring light to the great work that small farmers do in their communities to make them better places to live and work, while providing them with great quality food. 


The Watershed chickens - photo from
The Watershed chickens – photo from

The Watershed Farm is located in Bakers Settlement, ten minutes outside Bridgewater on the South Shore.  With the help of several farmer apprentices, Camelia Frieberg grows everything from asian greens to watermelon, which they sell at South Shore farmers markets, local restaurants, and direct to customers through their CSA.  (As of June 25, there are still about 10 shares left!)  The farm uses organic and biodynamic techniques, and is looking to increase the farm’s self-sustaining fertility cycle with some sheep this year.

This adorable write-up was written by one of the kids from the Waldorf school in Bridgewater after visiting the farm on a field trip, and it describes the biodynamic ethos at Watershed perfectly.  There are lots of education programs on the farm – Camelia is a board member of the South Shore Waldorf School and Kindergarten, and aims to build alliances between the school community and the farm.  The Watershed website is full of great art created by children visiting the farm.

Artwork created by chefs from The Ark, thanking Watershed for their great veggies. Photo from

However, learning doesn’t stop just because you grow up.   As part of the Pollination Project, the Watershed farm also provides the setting for workshops and concerts, and strives to explore the inherent connections between healthy food, artistic expression, mindful practices and just society.   Camelia is very passionate about the social justice work that she is able to accomplish through initiatives on her farm.  She feels a strong duty to participate in programs that foster the inclusion of all individuals in a community. Watershed donates the produce for a cooking program at The Ark, an organization in Bridgewater, which provides programs for adults with special challenges by creating an environment that fosters happiness and connection to their larger community.

Photo taken from
The Watershed farmers in 2012! Photo taken from

The Watershed Farm still has some shares left in their CSA for 2012 summer season.  (Their drop-off points in Halifax are at the Mid-East Food Centre on North and Agricola, and Nurtured on Robie at Willow.  Check out their website for more details.


Do you know of a farmer that deserves some time in the spotlight?  Let us know about them in the comments below!

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  1. Hey, first time visiting the Blog. It’s great. I’d like to give you a heads up on a great community farm in the Ohio Valley region of Antigonish County. We’ve got some hard working folks out at Eastern Sun Farms that deserve a bit of kudos for their efforts in growing great food and supporting sustainable lifestyles.

    1. Thanks Laura! I haven’t heard too much about Eastern Sun Farms… What can you tell us about them? Is there a website or facebook page?

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