Food for Thought: Articles on Food Activism

The office is relatively quiet on this sunny Friday afternoon and I’ve finally had the chance to read some articles that others have been sending to me.  I wanted to share them with you.

The first is an article on new legislation to support urban gardening in San Francisco from Grist magazine.  The article says:

The legislation  follows zoning changes last year that made it easier to operate small farms and legal to sell food grown in San Francisco. This new set of laws will take it further by removing additional bureaucratic barriers for hopeful gardeners and actively searching for land they can use while providing them with seeds, tools, and advice.

It a good reminder that in addition to cultivating our own gardens, we need to cultivate a policy environment that supports food production and healthy food.

The second article, Revolutionary Plots: Urban Agriculture is producing a lot more than food, is a lengthy, reflection piece on the food movement.  The final paragraph really resonated with me:

“Churchill cast gardening and war as opposites because he saw gardening as a retreat into a peaceful private realm. Our age demands engagement. Gardens like Alemany Farm and City Slicker Farms produce it as one of their crops, while other gardens and food fetishism generally can be a retreat into privilege, safety, and pleasure away from the world and its problems. But gardening and all its subsidiary tasks are sturdy metaphors. You can imagine the whole world as a garden, in which case you might want to weed out corporations, compost old divides, and plant hope, subversion, and fierce commitments among the heirloom tomatoes and the chard. The main questions will always be: What are your principal crops? And who do they feed?”

If you have a moment, please check out the articles and leave a comment below.

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