Fennel and Pear Sandwich

This post was originally written for us by Carla Smith, Nutrition student at Mount Saint Vincent University last winter, but the recipe looked so intriguing, I made it myself and had to provide my own comments on it!  Apologies to Carla!  ~~ Alison

One of my favourite things about being part of a CSA is that you often receive vegetables you wouldn’t think to buy for yourself.   For others, it becomes challenging to use up vegetables that you don’t know how to cook.  This recipe was contributed by some CSA customers who never knew what to do with the fennel they received. This sandwich is a fun fresh fast and delicious way of using the fennel bulb and also incorporates other local foods. They loved it!

Fennel and Pear Sandwich with cucumber and walnuts

  • Toast a few walnuts
  • Thinly slice a fennel bulb – about two tablespoons worth (save the rest of the bulb for another sandwich!)
  • cut a few slices off a ripe cucumber
  • Cut up 1/2 a ripe pear
  • cut up some havarti (Foxhill’s fenugreek havarti is my favourite in this sandwich!)

Spread multi-grain bread with mayo, and cover with walnuts.  Top with sliced fennel, cucumber and pear, cucumber and havarti, and a little freshly ground pepper.  Delicious!

The combination of the fennel and pear are really lovely; the celery-like crunch and faint licorice flavour of the fennel pair really nicely with the sweet and mellow pear.   If you had a lot of fennel to use up, this would also make a lovely side salad – simply combine the chopped fennel and chopped pears with some walnuts and bring it all together with some mayo or a white balsamic vinaigrette.

But as a sandwich, it certainly makes a lovely lunch for a sunny September afternoon!

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