Two years of Blogging

Sunday marked the 2nd anniversary of the Adventures in Local Food blog.  Oh, how time flies.  I thought I’d dig into the blog statistics, hopefully discovering insights into the world of local food lovers.   Here’s what the stats reveal:

Top 5 posts of all time

2012 CSA List
Crazy for Kale
Pining for Parsnips
Holy Mole, It’s Raining Out There
Raving About Rutabaga

Top 5 Search Terms


Sooo…. parsnips, kale and rutabagas, eh?  As it turns out, you are just as stumped about what to do with those veggies as I am.  And I’ve been super excited to see how much interest there is in CSAs.  The CSA list continues to be viewed week after week and I’ve heard from CSA farmers that their customer base is growing.  I’ll definitely do a similar post again next spring.

Now, I’m curious to hear about you? How did you find this blog? How long have you been following along? Are you Nova Scotian or from elsewhere in the world? And what do you want to read more about? Please click on the link below and take our survey.

Yours in food,


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