Our fishy colleague, Dave Adler, attended Slow Food’s Terra Madre event this fall. Check it out…

Small Scales

Guest Contribution by Dave Adler

Every two years, farmers, chefs, fishers, food educators, and foodies from around the globe gather in Turin, Italy at an event called Terra Madre. Italy is the birthplace of the international Slow Food movement, and Terra Madre is its Mecca.

The venue was enormous. There were 220,000 visitors. 1,000 exhibitors. Acres of charcuterie. This was a celebration of small-scale food on a scale that was anything but small- a small-scale event of Olympic proportions.

Over 2000 delegates from 130 countries gathered to learn about, talk about, cook, taste and celebrate food that is good, clean, and fair. Canada sent about 60 delegates and I was lucky enough to have been one of them. We were a motley crew of chefs, farmers, fisheries folks, managers, entrepreneurs, and food agitators.

So why was I there? Fish. Slow Fish International is a subset of Slow Food, and shares…

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