A New Year of Local Food

Happy New Year from the folks at Adventures in Local Food!  And thank you to Mary Ellen for today’s post.

Subdue your appetites, my dears, and you’ve conquered human nature.
Charles Dickens (1812 – 1870)

Well, the last of the Sullivan Family’s Christmas Cake has been consumed, and as I reflect back on the holiday season I think of the farmers who were part of my Christmas.
When I was growing up in Ontario there was a time when most of the milk, eggs, meat, vegetables and fruit came from our farm. Now I have a little raised garden and a share of Sylvia Mangalam’s garden, but still I sorely miss my childhood farm. I guess that’s why it’s been important to me to get to know local farmers.

This Christmas we were blessed to have my Mom and daughter home. My Mom lives close to where our farm was and Evelyn, while studying Interior Design at Ryerson, had designed a model of a cultural centre using the dimensions and personality of our barn. Mom and Evelyn brought, along with their other gifts, an intangible connection to my farm – ancestral wisdom, pride, a commitment to support a future of ethical farming.
Christmas dinner is right up there with all things wonderful.  As we shared our Christmas dinner, with my ‘Peace! Joy! Love!’ candle flickering, we brought to mind the blessings of the past year and raised a toast “To our farmers!”

I thought of those who were part of this Christmas dinner – the turkey from John Duynisveld, whose meat and eggs I buy at his weekly Halifax Henry Street drop-off location, and the squash and potatoes from one of Rupert Jannesh’s CSA boxes, saved for the occasion. Our seasonal food festivities including veggies, eggs and cider I’d bought at the Seaport Market from Norbert and Minga Kungl of Selwood Green, and English bacon from Chris and Leonie deWaal’s Getaway Farm.

I want to thank them, their families and so many other farmers I’ve met who produce food lovingly and with a commitment to ethical and high-quality produce. They have become my extended farm family here in Nova Scotia
The past year also brought images of Canadians who experience food insecurity; a hunger I can’t begin to fathom. How was it that I was born into a family with access to some of the best food in the world?

In this year of promise may we contemplate the day when there will be food for all.

Yours in the land,
Mary Ellen Sullivan

First delivery of the 2011 season
Rupert delivering CSA boxes
John Burns, John, and Maria Duynisfeld delivering their meat and eggs at Henry St., Halifax.
John Burns, John, and Maria Duynisfeld delivering their meat and eggs at Henry St., Halifax.

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