Manifesto of the Poor

This post comes to us from Food Action Committee volunteer, Mary Ellen.

June 11/13: A wonderful evening at Just Us, Spring Garden listening, and absorbing the teachings of Francisco Van der Hoff, Mexico, co-founder of the fair trade movement. Graciously hosted by Av Singh and Ecology Action Centre’s own Mark Butler.

Francisco’s book Manifesto of the Poor: Solutions Come From Below about his journey, philosophy, and new vision of a world economy based on respect for Mother Earth, dignity for indigenous peoples, and a fair price for high quality products. It’s a very intriguing and hopeful read. One of my favourite quotes is “Where is the poetry?” My pick for Food Action Committee must-read books.

Manifesto was just translated into English by Just Us! Center for Small Farms, Grand Pre, printed by the exquisite Gaspereau Press in Kentville. Yes, I’m jealous.

manifesto of the poor 2

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