Re-routing Nova Scotia’s Food Conundrum

Small Scales

Guest contribution by Justin Cantafio.

Moving food around in Nova Scotia is no picnic. Especially when it’s fish.

Our province simply doesn’t have a regional distribution network for seafood. Most distribution networks that do exist in Nova Scotia are geared towards bulk export to commodity scale markets in New England. Meanwhile, our local producers engaging in sustainable practices cannot meet the growing demand for sustainable and traceable food. Small-scale fishermen are stuck when it comes to transporting their products to the regional markets that demand them.

Traceable distribution networks are key to ensuring that small-scale producers receive a fair price for their product. Connecting fishermen with consumers on regional markets allows fishermen—rather than distant markets—to set fair prices that better reflect regional supply, demand, and quality.

Hauling in Hauling in the catch

If we care about Nova Scotia’s small-scale food producers, then it is clear that we need to build an alternative…

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