5 Recommended culinary tours in Singapore

Traveling is the thing that most people are interested in. In addition to refreshing, you can also seek new knowledge ranging from culture, language to food. Did you visit this website because you want a vacation to Singapore? If yes, then you are right to visit this site. On this occasion we will provide food recommendations that you must try in Singapore.

Besides being famous for its Universal Studios, Singapore is also known as a country with various types of street food that tastes very good. Here are five foods that you must taste and should not skip when visiting Singapore.

Bread Prata

This first food actually comes from India. But there is one very good place in Singapore. This food actually belongs to the street food class and has a very delicious taste. This bread is called Roti Prata. Paratha in Indian language means flat, where this bread is made by frying a stretched dough with ghee (Indian butter) and flattening it. You can eat this dish accompanied by a chicken, mutton, or beef curry sauce.

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake ? Unlike its name, this dish is rice flour mixed with white radish. The naming of white radish in Singapore is White Carrot, so that’s where the name Carrot Cake came from. This dish is a mixture of white radish and rice flour which is steamed then diced and fried with garlic. Don’t forget to also add Chaipoh. Chaipoh is preserved egg and radish. The savory and delicious taste you can enjoy every mouthful.

Hokkien Prawn Mee

At first glance this dish looks unclean. Even though it’s not, these noodles are made from shrimp head broth and contain seafood such as squid, fish eggs, shrimp, and chicken meat. But for those of you who like to eat pork, you can order according to your wishes, because usually every shop provides two menus, namely using pork and chicken only.

Kaya Toast

Who likes coffee? Well here’s a friend of toast covered with cold butter, jam, and a mixture of coconut and egg. Usually this menu is used as a breakfast menu by local Singaporeans and is served with two half-boiled eggs.

Singapore Chicken Rice

Have you ever tried Hainam rice? Hainam rice actually comes from Singapore. Unlike the dish in Indonesia, in Singapore this rice is served with whole boiled chicken.

Those are the five culinary places that you must visit when visiting Singapore. How ? Makes you drool isn’t it? For the price of all the food above, it is relatively pocket-friendly, where each portion is only around 2-3 Singapore dollars. Thus the information we can share about culinary tourism. Hopefully it can help you give new ideas for a culinary tour. Thank you and good bye.

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