Bittersweet (Sounds like two parts of a perfect bite.)

I’m usually a happy person. Overtly happy some may say.  Perhaps even happily excitable and loud to the point of annoyance, so I’ve been told…

However, my usual happy demeanor has been blemished by a bittersweet moment. Tarnished by the realization of something I cannot control. While life is full those times, I’m decidedly not a fan of said moments.

As I was planning the next Community Food Leaders meeting here in Cumberland County, I realized there were only two more sessions left.  I was saddened by the thought of this course ending. I look forward to meeting up with the participants, sharing ideas, recipes, and whatever else we choose to discuss that day. Every session is like a meeting of like minds, and I’m always sad when that comes to an end.

I’ll definitely miss the lunches. We decided to have collaborative cooked lunches, every month we choose a cuisine, decide on a bunch of recipes and then we cook and feast. We’ve done Asian, Indian, Mexican, and Dim Sum is our next planned lunch.

I love talking food, I love cooking, and I love learning from other people. It’s always nice to expand the repertoire. When I lived in Ottawa, we went out to restaurants for stimulation, here, it’s getting together in a kitchen and banging out some recipes. Conversation, coffee, and food, yup, that’s my kind of luncheon.

I’m stoked about the projects that have come out of this year’s Community Food Leaders session. I’ve decided to continue helping one of the participants with her project. A lunch kitchen, which is in need of volunteers, and I just happen to have some time opening up. 🙂 They need help in the kitchen and I want to keep up with the collaborative lunch idea.

If I step back and look at my experience as a Community Food Leader Facilitator, I would totally accept the challenge again. I think every year would be more and more fulfilling and successful, mostly because I learn as much from the participants as I would hope they learn from the information that I bring to them.

The next two sessions are on the way, and I’m excited to see where the relationships I have built, with the participants and their projects, will take me.

I have to keep reminding myself that bittersweet anything has to be a good thing, cause balance in food is everything. Guest Blogger: Mandy da Costa, Community Food Leader Coordinator

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