Evaluating the Impact of Subsidized Local Food Boxes in NS

For the past several months, I have been evaluating the Cost-share Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Local Food Box programs in Cumberland County and Cape Breton for the Our Food Project.  As a community gardener and someone who comes from a long generation of famers, it has been an incredible experience to witness directly how subsidized CSA programs impact rural communities and families. Both Cumberland County … Continue reading Evaluating the Impact of Subsidized Local Food Boxes in NS

To CSA or Not to CSA – that is no longer my question

To many this might be common knowledge but to me it was a bit of an Aha! moment; I always thought that Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) was outside the reach of the average budget.  Local organic produce can be cheaper or at worst match the price of the well-traveled fruit and veggies sold by the grocery store chains that run our food system. I came … Continue reading To CSA or Not to CSA – that is no longer my question

Early August CSA Box: Four Ways

There’s always a flurry of excitement in the office when the weekly delivery of CSA boxes arrives.  We peek in the boxes.  There’s generally some oohing and ahhing over the unusual items and then the recipe-brainstorming begins.  I thought it would be interesting to compare a few people’s weekly meals to see how each of us approached the same ingredients. Last week’s CSA box contained … Continue reading Early August CSA Box: Four Ways

How to Keep Your CSA or Market Veggies Fresh All Week

This year, my husband and I bought into a whole CSA share,  which gives us a lot of veggies to deal with every week.  It kind of reminds me of when we used to make our weekly visits to the farmers market when you had to wait for Saturday – you come home excited about all the gorgeous produce, and then you quickly realize you … Continue reading How to Keep Your CSA or Market Veggies Fresh All Week

Spring Cooking Class Recipes: Fresh CSA Produce

We’ve been holding seasonal cooking classes for awhile now, and we’ve loved sharing knowledge about the bounty of Nova Scotia.  Spring can be a tough time to eat local though – a lot of farmers are almost at the end of their winter root vegetables, but it’s still too soon for springtime favourites like asparagus, fiddleheads or strawberries.This last Monday, we decided to embrace the season head-on by building a menu around a CSA (or Community Shared Agriculture) produce box from Taproot Farms. Continue reading “Spring Cooking Class Recipes: Fresh CSA Produce”

How To Become a CSA Drop-Off Location

Photo by Elaine Casap

So, you’ve been curious about CSAs and decided that it’s something you’d like to sign up for, and you’ve checked out our Complete List of CSAs in Nova Scotia, but what if there’s not a drop-off location close to your home or work?

Maybe you’d be interested in starting a drop-off location at your office. How do you know if this might be a good option for your workplace?

Continue reading “How To Become a CSA Drop-Off Location”

Curious About CSAs?

First delivery of the 2011 season

I’ve been asked several times in the last  week about CSA food boxes.  (Clearly the cold, gray days of winter have us all thinking about summer veggies.) So, I thought it was time to get some discussion going about this alternative method of buying food, as CSA sign ups are starting. Continue reading “Curious About CSAs?”

A Week of CSA Meals

My roommates and I share a weekly CSA box from Ironwood Farm. With three of us in the house, the veggies get eaten quickly and sometimes we have to buy a little extra from the farmers market. However, they have both been out of town lately.  Plus my garden has started produced cucumbers, beans, and tomatoes.   This has left me with a fridge full of veggies and a lot of creative cooking to do on my own. Continue reading “A Week of CSA Meals”

Thinking Inside The Box: Making the Most of Your CSA Box

Megan Gray is back with another post for Thinking Inside the Box.  She’s a member of the TapRoot Farm CSA.


It finally it seems that we have suddenly landed in the middle of summer, and the long sunny days have meant my that my weekly veggie box is bursting with peas, carrots, potatoes, zucchinis, greens, greens, and more greens, and other in-season treasures. So how to make the most of this abundance? Continue reading “Thinking Inside The Box: Making the Most of Your CSA Box”