Thinking Inside The Box: Winter Veggies & Creative Cooking

The latest installment of the Thinking Inside the Box column from Jennifer Publicover, member of Avon River CSA. Avon River is now signing up members for the fall.


I like to throw my consumer dollar behind local sustainable agriculture, organic practices, the lowering of transport greenhouse gas emissions, and the preservation of valuable farmland. Food is intrinsic to life itself; there are so many good reasons to pay attention to food – and yet, with all that foreknowledge, the most meaningful reason for me crept up on me by surprise as I signed up for a half share of a winter root-crop CSA. Continue reading “Thinking Inside The Box: Winter Veggies & Creative Cooking”

Thinking Inside The Box: The Little Box That Could

We’re starting a new series here at Adventures in Local Food.  Thinking Inside The Box will be a semi-regular column on community supported agriculture (CSA), with submissions from members of CSAs throughout the province about their experiences.  Our first post comes from Megan Gray. ~~~ Last spring I finally took the plunge and made a commitment I’d considered for months. I bought a 52-week Community … Continue reading Thinking Inside The Box: The Little Box That Could

What is a Jerusalem Artichoke?

…and how do you eat them? The name, “Jerusalem artichoke”, is somewhat misleading.  Botanically-named helianthus tuberosus, the Jerusalem artichoke is neither from Jerusalem nor an artichoke. The name, Jerusalem artichoke, is thought to be a corruption of the Italian “Griasole Articiocco,” meaning “turns toward the sun”.  Jerusalem artichokes are also called sunchokes. The Jerusalem artichoke is native to North America.  It is a tuber of … Continue reading What is a Jerusalem Artichoke?