Summer in Cumberland County: All the gossip

Despite having a challenging growing season this year here in Cumberland County, our local farms and community gardens are doing really well. With above normal temperatures and a drought to boot, some farmers were very worried about their wells running … Continue reading

Strengthening the Food Movement: Convening Community Garden Leaders

Back in the Spring of 2014 we held a gathering in Halifax for Community Garden Coordinators. This was the second in a series of events supported by the Our Food Project to connect and support the leaders behind the gardens … Continue reading

Make the most of your herb garden, and save on Christmas gifts!

Having a steady supply of herbs through the summer is always a treat for anyone who likes to cook- and you don’t need much space to grow a good supply! A dish that starts out being a little bland becomes … Continue reading

Resources are meant to be shared: Reflections on a Cooperative Growing Model

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about cooperative community models and their ability to inspire a sense of both pride and ownership across communites. Whether it’s a DIY bike shop, a tool lending library, or a place to purchase, prepare and learn … Continue reading

New Member call-out! Bloomfield Community Greenhouse

In September of 2011, the Bloomfield Community Greenhouse officially opened its doors and we’re looking for new members! About the Greenhouse: In 2010 Imagine Bloomfield and the Ecology Action Centre teamed up to build a community greenhouse next to the … Continue reading