From the Crawl Space: Eating Local Produce in February

Written by Kailea Pedley, Off-Grid Farmer at Patchwood Farm, Piper’s Glen, Cape Breton It’s February and I’m thinking about that question for food-lovers in northern climes: how do we continue to eat healthy, local food through the winter months? I’ve … Continue reading

From Farm to Food Bank

This growing season I had the pleasure to take part in the CFAN (Cumberland Food Action Network) Farm to Food Bank Project. A total of 8 free sessions were planned, partly designed by the availability of seasonal local produce, affordability, … Continue reading

May 18-19: Root Cellar Work Party

Remember those community root cellar grants were we talking about several months ago?  Curious about what’s going on?  Well, the Deanery Project in Ship Harbour, our first grant recipient, is hosting a root cellar work party on May 18-19 and you’re invited to attend.

Kick it Root Down: Work Party @ The Deanery Project Continue reading

Hunkering down for the winter

How much food should you put away for the winter, if you want to eat a predominately local diet? I’ve become fascinated by this question.  I’m not a hard core, eat-local-or-starve kind of gal.  (I do LOVE avocados!)  But, I … Continue reading