Indonesian Regional Food Recommendations

Indonesian Regional Food Recommendations

Hi, culinary idn slot online lovers who are everywhere for you, maybe you already know how the taste of typical dishes in several regions in Indonesia is. There are many diverse specialties in this country that you can visit if you are stopping in one of the areas. Usually in that area, there must be special foods of its own, maybe there are some that can make a list of culinary lovers. Let’s invite your friends for culinary.

Rendang From Padang

Rendang is an authentic Indonesian meat dish originating from Minangkabau. This dish is produced from results with very different flavors, depending on how it is cooked, who does not know the taste of this rendang meat, almost all residents in Indonesia like it with a very good taste, especially in today’s almost all restaurants and restaurants. restaurants or rice stalls provide rendang meat, moreover Padang cuisine restaurants are everywhere abroad and you can find this popular specialty food in Southeast Asia, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, and Thailand. In the area of ​​origin in Minangkabau this food, rendang meat is served in various traditional ceremonies or the most special events. Although rendang is a traditional Minangkabau dish, not all rendang cooking techniques cannot be the same as those from the Minangkabau region of origin, each region has a different way of cooking and serving it.
Amazingly, rendang meat originating from Minangkabau in 2011 was named the dish that was ranked first in the World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods in the 50 most delicious dishes in the world according to CNN International’s version. In 2018, rendang was officially designated as one of Indonesia’s five national dishes.

This rendang meat dish is cooked with rich spices. So that the created taste is very different from the others. In addition to the main ingredient meat, there are several other ingredients such as coconut milk, ground spices including chili, lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, ginger, garlic, shallots, and other additional spices commonly referred to as cooks. Natural spices and herbs that have their own unique characteristics are antiseptic and can kill pathogenic bacteria so that they act as natural preservatives. Garlic, onion, ginger, and galangal are known to have strong antimicrobial activity. No wonder this typical food from Minangkabau lasts one to four weeks.

The process of cooking real rendang can take up to four hours, that’s why the process of cooking rendang takes hours and patience. The pieces of meat are cooked with natural spices and seasonings with the addition of coconut milk which is produced from the juice of an old grated coconut so that it can produce coconut milk for a mixture of rendang meat dishes, after all the ingredients have become one with the meat, the fire is usually reduced so that the spices the spices and herbs can be combined and the coconut milk sauce can dry up and stir until evenly distributed.
This cooking process is known as caramelization, because it uses many types of spices, rendang is known to have a complex and unique taste.

Crazy Fried Rice

Fried rice is a food in the form of fried rice and stirred in hot cooking oil, or with butter. Not only that, usually a lot of ingredients are added in a frying pan, there are onion, garlic, tamarind, pepper, sweet soy sauce, cooking spices, you can add cabbage, caisim leaves and chicken eggs. thinly sliced ​​chicken meat, sausages, meatballs, salted anchovies, liver gizzard, seafood, petai, etc. The portions are also very large, different from the usual ones.

Fried rice is also known as Indonesia’s national dish. Of the many foods served in Indonesian cuisine, only a few can be considered true national food. Indonesia’s national cuisine is not known for social class boundaries. Fried rice can be enjoyed simply at roadside stalls, mobile guard carts, to restaurants and buffet tables at parties.

Did you know that Nasi Goreng got an award in an internet poll via CNN International and was followed by 35,000 people placing Nasi Goreng at number two on the list of the 50 most delicious foods in the world after rendang.

You already know the history of Nasi Goreng, a traditional Chinese dish, according to historical records, since 4000 BC. Fried rice then spread to Southeast Asia brought by Chinese nomads who settled there and created a local special fried rice based on different spices and frying methods. Fried rice actually emerges from some traits in Chinese culture, which dislike tasting cold food and also throwing away leftovers a few days before. Hence, the cold rice is then fried to be served back at the dining table.

Jakarta Egg Crust

Egg crust is a typical food from Jakarta (Betawi), why is it called egg crust because it is cooked in a small frying pan and over coals, not with a gas stove or electric stove. The ingredients are made from several traditional ingredients with chicken eggs, duck eggs, grated coconut which is roasted and then seasoned with red chili, ginger, kencur pepper and granulated sugar. The beginning of the egg crust in the 1970s was accidentally made by the people of Jakarta.

If you want to look for typical Jakarta food, Betawi you can find it in the Kota Tua area on Jl. Fatahillah Park No. 01 West Jakarta. In the past, this food was specially served for parties and celebrations of dignitaries in its day, although there have been many modern foods, until now, egg crust is still a favorite for Jakarta people and foreign tourists who are visiting and can still be found.

Sundanese Food Karedok

Have you guys ever known karedok? Karedok is a typical Sundanese food that is almost similar to gado-gado with spicy peanut sauce if you like spicy hobbies, mix it with vegetables such as cucumber, bean sprouts, long beans, green eggplant, cabbage, basil, basil leaves and several other types of vegetables that you can add. added according to your taste.

The difference between Gado-gado and Karedok is that the vegetables are boiled, but for Karedok the vegetables are raw. but the same with using peanut sauce. It is best eaten with warm rice and freshly fried tofu.

Balinese Sate Lilit

Sate lilit is a typical Balinese satay made from selected ingredients with ground chicken or tuna fish mixed with complete genep and wrapped in lemongrass stems and grilled over coals, so that the smell of grilled satay wraps really makes a lot of appetite. .

This food is also served in religious events and family parties. In general, men in Bali cook sate lilit together in a banjar. The way to wrap fish dough onto lemongrass stalks is very unique and done quickly by Balinese men. When finished and cooked, served with warm rice and spicy chili sauce.

Typical East Java Rawon

Rawon is a dark-colored soup that contains a mixture of beef and brisket. This soup is made from native Indonesian herbs and spices such as shallots, garlic, chilies, galangal, coriander, candlenut, lemongrass, salt, vegetable oil. and clumsy. The ingredients are mashed and sauteed until fragrant, put the spices mixed with the broth in the meat stew.

This food comes from East Java, there are lots of food stalls that provide rawon soup, if you stop by in the East Java area, you must have lots of Warung Rawon restaurants. It must taste really good because you eat directly in the area of ​​origin.

Especially in this day and age for those who don’t want to be complicated, there are already many instant spices available to mix rawon soup. But there are also those who still use traditional ingredients because the concoction of traditional spices produces a distinctive and thick aroma.

Soto Lamongan, Typical East Java Jawa

Soto lamongan, this soto is different from other soto, because soto lamongan originating from the East Java area has its own characteristics, turmeric is the main feature of this soto seasoning. With the addition of a mixture of spices, lime leaves, candlenut, lemongrass and bay leaves with a concoction sauce and shredded free-range chicken pieces, bean sprouts, boiled vermicelli noodles, scallions, celery leaves, fried onions, tomatoes, and extra Don’t forget the boiled eggs. Additional additions include gizzard satay, intestines, quail eggs, chicken skin, chicken claws, and chicken bones. After the mixture is ready in a bowl and then doused with hot broth and then sprinkled with the unique main seasoning, koya powder, this koya is made from prawn crackers and garlic that is mashed into a powder. Soto Lamongan is already widely spread in several areas
For those of you whose hobby is really culinary, there are some recommendations for eating regional specialties, I hope you like authentic Indonesian food dishes.

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