Auspicious Arugula

Curious about arugula?  Looking forward to spring greens? Whitney Hughes, Ashley Cooper, Liz Muggah, Andrea Clarke and Brianne Barteaux, nutrition students at Acadia University, tell us all about it.

Arugula is a leafy salad green, much like spinach. It is very nutrient dense, but not as commonly eaten as other greens. We hope this blog post will be informative, spark an interest in trying this vegetable, and encourage you to be adventurous in your everyday produce selections. Continue reading “Auspicious Arugula”

Presto! Pesto!

I recently had a conversation with a canning workshop participant about her adventures in basil pesto. She bought up 40 cups of basil at the farmer market, and made 22 cups of basil pesto to freeze. Yum!

This conversation reminded me that I had been meaning to post a recipe for pesto – ’tis the season for bulk basil – and discuss some alternatives to basil in pesto. Continue reading “Presto! Pesto!”

Summer Cooking Class Recipes: Grilled Fish, Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie Cake

Though the growing season got off to a cold and rainy start, it was summer in the kitchen of Local Source Market, as we kicked off our summer cooking series on Monday night.

The evening’s menu included grilled arctic char with herbed aioli and roasted asparagus, arugula and radish salad, and a fair trade chocolate hazelnut brownie cake garnished with strawberries and whipped cream.  Yum!  Continue reading “Summer Cooking Class Recipes: Grilled Fish, Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie Cake”