Community Food Leaders: Kitchen Conversations…

Hello there, I’m Mandy and I’m going to chat about the CFL again. Let me be the first to clarify, the CFL I’m referring to is not the football league here in Canada, but a much more important group. I’m writing about the … Continue reading

Making Kimchi

  Ahhh…cabbage.  I really like cabbage, but I often run out of recipe ideas.  There’s just so much cabbage in, well, a cabbage. I recently got a kimchi lesson from my roommate and wanted to walk you through the steps. … Continue reading

Summer Cooking Class Recipes: Local Food Asian-Style

For the third and final evening of our summer cooking series, our instructor Nanci coached us through a menu of Asian flavours: Pork (and Tofu) and Greens stirfry, Fresh Spring Rolls, and homemade fortune cookies.  Nanci grew up in her … Continue reading