Full of Beans and Big Ideas

Well we did it! Our last Community Food Leader training involved receiving 27 types of beans and a certificate for completing this leadership course. We are now armed and ready for action! Throughout Cumberland County, six individuals came together to discuss a very important topic: Food.  With food comes a variety of conversation themes such as, where does your food come from?, How is fresh … Continue reading Full of Beans and Big Ideas

#WorldPulsesDay – All About Pulses

Updated February 2019 February 10, 2019 marks the first annual U.N. #WorldPulsesDay. Read on to find out more about pulses, preparation and recipe ideas to embrace these healthy, affordable and sustainable foods. What are pulses? Pulses are seeds that are harvested and dried from the “pea family” of plants (a subgroup of legumes). Commonly known pulses include beans (e.g., fava, black beans, kidney beans), chickpeas, dried … Continue reading #WorldPulsesDay – All About Pulses

Three Ways to Preserve Beans

On a hot August night in Nova Scotia, a lovely group of participants joined us in a hot kitchen to learn how to preserve. Hot water bath canning was the main focus of the workshop. But we also wanted to show two other ways of preserving beans: freezing and lacto-fermentation. Hot Water Bath Canning – Fast Favourite Dilly Beans This is when you process your jars … Continue reading Three Ways to Preserve Beans

How to Fall in Love with Dried Beans

“Beans are beautiful to see and wonderful to hold in your hands.”  Dan Jason. I’m on a mission to use dried beans, they’re inexpensive and if I can save a can, that’s good.  Besides, that opaque, gooey stuff canned beans are packed in grossed me out one too many times.  So I’ve been experimenting, and I invite more experienced food adventurers to add their experiences. … Continue reading How to Fall in Love with Dried Beans