Breastmilk: Food security for the littlest ones

I have recently returned to the Ecology Action Centre from maternity leave and was struggling for a topic to write about for the blog. Truthfully, my reintroduction to the office hasn’t been fertile ground for blog post ideas. (200 words on setting up my email? Fascinating, I’m sure.) However, there’s an area of food security that we’ve rarely, if ever, discussed on this blog: breastfeeding … Continue reading Breastmilk: Food security for the littlest ones

How Do We Count What Counts?!

My favourite quote and a good reminder for me as an evaluator: Telling stories to convey value I’ve written a few blog posts about measurement. One was about food snapshots I compiled as a baseline indicator for change over time. The idea was that by telling the story of a community and it’s relationship to food we could see change over time based on our work … Continue reading How Do We Count What Counts?!

Food Sovereignty in Practice

My name is Alannah, and I have been collaborating with the Our Food Project (OFP) to complete my Undergrad thesis on food sovereignty in practice within Halifax. My previous blog post is an introduction to inequality within the food system. My thesis research looks at how the Our Food Project is addressing this inequality by using a food sovereign approach to build Positive Food Environments … Continue reading Food Sovereignty in Practice