Pumpkin Recipes: From Soup and Pie to Brownies

Isn’t it thoughtful of the seasons to allow pumpkin to be ready, just in time for Thanksgiving? But seriously, pumpkin and other orange squash like hubbard or butternut taste great in everything from soups to breads to brownies…and of course, pumpkin pie. Now is the time of year to buy those lovely little pumpkins or other squashes, and use them in a multitude of wonderful … Continue reading Pumpkin Recipes: From Soup and Pie to Brownies

Root for the Carrot

Carrots are popular for good reason, as they have numerous health benefits. Carrots may be white, red, yellow, orange or purple. Each type of carrot contains slightly varying amounts of antioxidants; however, they all contain many beneficial nutrients. This root vegetable is most well known for being a great source of the antioxidant beta carotene which is converted to Vitamin A in the body, making … Continue reading Root for the Carrot

Italian Bread and Pizza

A while back, I sent an email far and wide in search of seniors interested in leading seasonal cooking classes with FAC. On a cold Saturday in February, one unexpected email response proved very fruitful. While Mike is not a senior, he is a professional baker with a passion for pizza and a knack for teaching. With his expertise, a group of us spent the … Continue reading Italian Bread and Pizza

For A Cold Winter’s Night: Beef & Ale Stew, Homemade Baguette

A few weeks ago, I surpassed a major landmark on the long, arduous path to being a Grown Up. As a university student and Ontario transplant, I spent my undergraduate years “hosting” my parents and other family members whenever they came to visit me in Halifax. However, “hosting” usually meant getting taken out for nice meals and demanding a trip to the grocery store, where … Continue reading For A Cold Winter’s Night: Beef & Ale Stew, Homemade Baguette

Winter Vegetable Curry & Homemade Naan

For my first foray into food blogging, I decided to tackle a problem that many face when trying to eat locally: how to bringing big flavor to our tables without relying on the global supply chain. I have a longstanding passion for the big and deep flavors of Indian cooking. However, the flavors of Indian cooking are not readily available in the Maritimes—last time I … Continue reading Winter Vegetable Curry & Homemade Naan