Winter Cooking Class Recipes: Braised Ribs and Apple Cake

On February 8th we enjoyed our third cooking class, which concluded our Wintertime Harvest cooking class series.

This week we were joined by instructor Jayne Wark, a professor at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design who has a secret passion for cooking. This was her first time leading a cooking class but she seemed to enjoy it just as much as everyone enjoyed the menu she had set out for them. Continue reading “Winter Cooking Class Recipes: Braised Ribs and Apple Cake”

Making Kimchi

  Ahhh…cabbage.  I really like cabbage, but I often run out of recipe ideas.  There’s just so much cabbage in, well, a cabbage. I recently got a kimchi lesson from my roommate and wanted to walk you through the steps. A big thanks to Janette for the lesson and the recipe! Here’s your ingredient list:For each head of cabbage (nappa or Chinese) you’ll need: 1.5 … Continue reading Making Kimchi