Speaking Up for School Food

Imagine… A young child travelling on the school bus for 45 minutes to get to school. Despite having breakfast, the child’s stomach is growling by the time class starts. A junior high school student with early morning soccer practice. It’s … Continue reading

Climate Change Resilience on Maritime Farms

There’s this familiar story that climate change is mostly going to mean good news for our food system. If the days are getting warmer, the story goes, farmers in the Maritimes will have more days to grow food, and the … Continue reading

Starting an Off-Grid Herb Farm – By Guest Blogger Estelle Drisdelle

As I considered becoming a new farmer last winter, I saw the many challenges that I could face taking on this new career. Long days, physically demanding labor, dealing with pests, broken machinery, and a difficult market. However, like many … Continue reading

Growing Farming in Cumberland

You don’t have to drive very far in any direction in Cumberland County to see farms in varying states of abandonment.  In my community of River Hebert, there used to be a vibrant farm community of over 100 farms, whereas … Continue reading

The Katimavik 100-Mile Diet Challenge

Today’s post was written by Fiona Tumner, our Katimavik intern.  Stay tuned for more posts from Fiona, who will be here in the office with us until December. Can the world survive off a 100 diet?  While the concept of … Continue reading