Radical Acts…of Gardening

Like many, my first opportunity to get involved with food issues was through a community garden. I was part student group that wanted to start a campus community garden, but we faced an uphill battle. We had to learn quickly and tackle all the roadblocks in our way – from raising a reserve fund to return the garden to lawn should it fail to finding … Continue reading Radical Acts…of Gardening

When Food Sovereignty is the Answer

Our food choices are shaped by a wide range of factors – everything from personal and family preferences, dietary needs, our values, what we can afford, and what’s available. A commonly held perception is that if we “vote” with our dollars, then food retailers will respond. Our market system is much more complex, however, and this belief masks the complex and multiple ways in which … Continue reading When Food Sovereignty is the Answer

Great Meals for a Change

Today’s post comes from Sara.  Sara grew up in Dartmouth, NS and has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Biology. She is currently working in a genetics lab at Fisheries and Ocean Canada as a Lab Technician. She is a relatively recent member of the Food Action Committee and is excited to contribute to the work of a committee that fits so well with some of … Continue reading Great Meals for a Change