How to Build A Cold Frame

Well folks, it’s that time of year again when gardens are flourishing with the bounties of the early and late spring plantings and I am beginning to plan for my first attempt at season succession. A cold frame has been heavily considered to help extend the seasons in my garden throughout the colder months. Cold frames, in essence, can be made from various items – … Continue reading How to Build A Cold Frame

How to Extend Your Garden Season With Cold Frames

Up here in Cape Breton, spring is just a tease. Cold frames are an excellent backyard strategy for gaining a few weeks on food production, either in the spring or late fall. Last fall, this handy tip sheet was compiled to support a cold frame building workshop hosted by Leonard Vassalo at Blue Heron Farm in Gardiner Mines. We built three cold frames, which were donated … Continue reading How to Extend Your Garden Season With Cold Frames

Adventures in Winter Gardening

The weather today was so lovely that I almost started feeling that spring had finally arrived.  I’m too much of a weather pragmatist to trust that is the case, although I’ve learned that gardening in our climate can really surprise you when it comes to what you thought was possible. Last autumn I caught the 4-season gardening bug after reading Niki Jabbour’s great book, The … Continue reading Adventures in Winter Gardening

Winter Planting: Gardening Doesn’t End in July!

Not many people realise that our mild climate in Coastal Nova Scotia allows for some plants to grow all winter long. Parsley, parsnips, leeks, and spinach will survive being frozen over. I plant parsnips in August for an April harvest. I have also heard encouraging reports from beets and turnips but have not tried these out. Lettuce, radishes, arugula and peas won’t live through the … Continue reading Winter Planting: Gardening Doesn’t End in July!