4 Activities to Get Kids Keen on Gardening

My name’s Caitlin Eisenhauer, and this summer I’ve been working with the Ecology Action Centre’s Food team. Over the last few months, I’ve been developing and delivering a series of food related workshops to young families. Gardening is a great activity that the whole family can get involved in. Whatever your families level of interest is in gardening, there is always room to get the … Continue reading 4 Activities to Get Kids Keen on Gardening

Composting: A Science

            Everybody knows that compost is beneficial to a garden, and most people use it. But a lot of people don’t really know why it’s healthy, or how it works. Compost is used to provide added nutrients to plants and vegetables; this helps them grow bigger and larger than they normally would. Compost is much more than just throwing away all … Continue reading Composting: A Science

Ready, Set, Build! Your 3-Bin Composter

There’s nothing like a simple building project to make you feel like a well-accomplished and super productive human:) And over the past couple of weeks we’ve had no short of simple building projects- the primary ones being a number of 3-bin composting units for our community garden friends across the city. Although composting can be done in a whole host of containers, it sometimes gets tricky in … Continue reading Ready, Set, Build! Your 3-Bin Composter

Let’s Talk About Food…food waste, that is

Did you know that 25% of food purchased and/or served is wasted?! Pretty upsetting, no? I’ve been thinking about food waste; like, how food often gets forgotten in the back of our big refrigerators – veggies rotting, cheese molding and leftovers ignored. Right now, I know there is a head of bok choy resting in my crisper likely ready to decay at any moment. There … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Food…food waste, that is