Container Gardening: how to have a garden without setting down roots

Want to garden but don’t have a space? Tools? Permanent location… I have gained some container gardening knowledge by being a bit of a nomad, bringing my potted herbs, strawberries, rhubarb and other perennials with me as I moved around. Although I learned a lot through trial and error, there was still much to learn! This summer we have started a demonstration garden beside the … Continue reading Container Gardening: how to have a garden without setting down roots

Potato Container Gardening

Back in spring I wrote a post about my love of potatoes and showed the beginning of my rubbermaid bin potato patch.  I promised to give an update about how it all worked out. So, to recap – After I had already planted my garden in spring, I found an old bag of organic potatoes in the EAC basement that were definitely past their prime.  … Continue reading Potato Container Gardening

Ornamental Veggies

Gardeners around the world were outraged by the recent story about the American woman who was fined and even threatened with jail time for simply building a vegetable garden in her front yard.  The municipal by-laws in her town of Oak Park, a Detroit suburb, stated that front yards must be covered with suitable plant material, and her five tidy raised beds filled with petunias and tomato … Continue reading Ornamental Veggies

Potato Love

I admit it.  I’m a potato lover. I grew up in rural Manitoba and my parents always grew a really big garden that had, among other things, rows upon rows of potatoes – enough to feed our family of five throughout the winter.  To me, potatoes kind of symbolize the feeling of ‘plenty’ – because even if there’s not much else in the kitchen, you can … Continue reading Potato Love